What is Open University?

Open University serves quite a varied audience: community members, non-matriculated international students, nominated high school students, and UCSB seniors/de-matriculated students. Essentially, it opens the UCSB campus to people who are not earning degrees at UCSB. Every UC has a program like this to expand its courses to not just degree-seeking students. It is an effort to make UC education more available on the course level.


If students have the course pre requisites and/or academic experience to take the course, they can be approved for enrollment by the department advisor or individual professor. Please consult with your department chair to know who will approve/deny Open University enrollment forms.


If/when you approve, a copy of the form will be automatically sent to our office. Our Registrar will send this information to the main campus Registrar for official enrollment in e-grades. Then, Extension students will appear on your list at the very bottom (not alphabetized.) They will then need to be added to the Gauchospace site for the course.

We hope that you will consider these requests, as often, students are taking courses for degree completion, as well as out of general interest and desire. 

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