Creating an online course

You can use Gauchospace as a repository of lecture materials, quizzes and exams, embed videos, presentations, and other materials you currently use in your face to face lectures.  Panopto will allow you to record and broadcast video later using Gauchocast.  Through Zoom, you can offer your lectures online from home.

If you would like to record and put select lectures online and make them available asynchronously, please let us know.

We will be holding periodical Zoom calls to make sure that you all are comfortable with the tools you need to use, and also help you run the pilots.  Kindly attend one of those sessions, even if you are familiar with the system, as we all can benefit from your experience. 


NOTE: You do not need to request zoom, just go to and log in with your UCSBNetID and Password

If you still need to activate your UCSBNet ID, Activate your UCSBNet ID

If you do not remember your UCSBNet ID password, How to reset your UCSBNet ID password

Official ZOOM training tutorials:

ZOOM for Education 

You have the option to substitute formal exams and quizzes with class projects.  If you typically use multiple-choice style exams and need an online alternative, the best solution will be to use the Quiz Tool in GauchoSpace to build an alternate exam. The Quiz Tool allows you to build an exam from a reusable question pool. In addition, the exams allow for randomizing the order that questions are presented, randomizing the order in which responses are presented for each question, locking down the browser window during the quiz, and randomizing what questions each student gets on their exam from a larger pool (equivalent to preparing multiple versions of the same exam).

Resources to help you get started using quizzes in GauchoSpace:

No proctoring option is available to UCSB PaCE at this time. 

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