What are the electives for the Environmental & Climate Advocacy, Leadership, & Activism Certificate?

The follow UCSB Academic electives are able to community through Open University


ANTH 147, Water and Society

ANTH 152, Environmental Anthropology

ANTH 197ER, Development and Decay:  Urban Infrastructure and the Politics of Inequality

Black Studies 

BLST 154, Environmental Racism and Environmental Justice

East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies 

EACS 140/ANTH 191, Indigenous Movements in Asia

EACS 141, Environmental Justice in Asia


ENGL 122CC, Cultural Representations: The Rhetoric of Climate Change

ENGL 122EA, Environmental Activism

ENGL 192, Science Fiction and Ecology

Environmental Studies 

ENV S 116, Building Sustainable Communities

ENV S 117, Transition to Low Carbon

ENV S 155, The Built World: Infrastructure and Environmental Change

ENV S 180, Global Environmental Movements

ENV S 181, Power, Justice, and the Environment

ENV S 193CR: Field Seminar in Personal and Community Resilience

ENV S 193QM: Qualitative Methods for Environmental Studies

ENV S 195, Environmental Leadership Incubator

Film and Media Studies 

FAMST 166EM, Energy, Media and Culture

FAMST 183, Film and Media of the Natural and Human Environment

FAMST 187ME, Media and Environment

FAMST 187CN, Comparative Natures

Global Studies 

GLOBL 173, Energy in Global Societies

GLOBL 174, Global Perspectives on Environment and Society


SOC 130SD, The World in 2050:  Sustainable Alternatives

SOC 134A, Activism

SOC 134EC, Earth in Crisis

SOC 134CJ, Climate Justice


WRIT 107EP, Writing for Environmental Professions

WRIT 109ES, Writing for Environmental Studies

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