Open University Scholarships FAQ


Scholarships are reserved for deserving UCSB Students interested in taking UCSB courses via Open University and alumni.  UCSB students need to de-register before taking UCSB courses through Open University.  Please check with your undergraduate advisor for your eligibility to take courses via Open University if you are currently registered at UCSB.

Undergraduate Students who have been dismissed need the approval of the Dean of their College to be able to enroll in Open University courses. Contact your advisor, and see below for detailed application instructions.


All Open University scholarship decisions are postponed until further notice

Open University Scholarships are available for Fall, Winter and Spring Quarters. Apply anytime up to 4 weeks before the start of the quarter according to the UCSB academic calendar when you intend to take your class. 

How much?

Scholarships cover 100% of the Open University tuition costs for one course. Textbooks, additional lab fees are not covered.  

How do I apply for Scholarship?

To apply, 

  1. Please contact an advisor in your College to see what your path back into regular enrollment will be and whether taking UCSB courses through PaCE (i.e., Open University) is an option for you. 
  2. If eligible, your College will send a communication to PaCE and to you, indicating your academic eligibility for Open University. 
  3. Upon getting confirmation of academic eligibility, please fill out this form.

 ** Note that even if you are not selected for the scholarship, you will still be eligible to take UCSB courses through Open University and earn credits towards your degree completion. 

What do I need to know about the courses taken via Open University?

Find additional information here 

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