Are there any additional costs to complete the course?

In addition to course tuition, there are other required expenses necessary to successfully complete the EMT Certification Course. 

Approximate additional EMT course costs:

  • CPR Certification - $60 to $80 (if needed)
  • Text with online access - $182
  • Student materials kit - $85
  • Castle Branch Subscription - (includes background check, physical exam, drug screening, TB screening, and influenza vaccine) - $97

Total approximate additional cost to complete EMT course: $424*

*There may be additional charges based on test results/vaccine compliance

Financial Aid may be available. Contact Customer Service for more information about PaCE scholarships.

A $50 discount is given to students who pre-enroll before the early bird date listed on each designated course. If you enroll online, be sure to click on the "Early Bird Discount" button. To qualify, enrollment must be paid in full by the early bird fee deadline. 

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