Read me first in advance of the first day of class

Here is some essential instructor information: 

A Lectern Login is needed to access the lectern computer in our classrooms. This is not to be confused with your UCSBNet ID (see below). Your Lectern User ID is either in the format first name.last name (i.e., john.smith) or initial of your first name and last name (i.e., jsmith). If you do not remember your User ID, please email If you do not remember your password, you will need to reset it in person by visiting the Instructional Development office in Kerr Hall 1160 (open weekdays 8 AM - 5 PM). Note that this password cannot be reset remotely. 

UCSBNet ID: is required to access wireless internet in the classroom and other essential services (i.e. UCPath). If you don't have a UCSBNetID, please follow these instructions. If you already have a UCSBBNetID and don't remember your password, follow these steps to reset it.

Kerr Hall Classroom Support: if you need a quick refresh on using the lectern, please email Program Support at before your first day of class so we can assist you.

Class Rosters: Instructors are responsible for viewing/printing their own class roster.  This roster can be found in the Instructor Portal. You will have access to your class list starting 21 days prior to the start date. If a student attends your course and does NOT appear on your class list, please email the student’s name along with your course name to 

Photocopying: we strongly discourage photocopying, and prefer that Canvas, our online Learning Management System, be used for class assignments and other documents.  If you need to photocopy tests and quizzes, or the syllabus for the first day of the class you are welcome to stop by to use our facility and use our copy machine. Unfortunately, we will NOT be able to provide photocopying services. 

Course Evaluations Starting F19, we will be mimicking UCSB’s evaluation procedure.  Evaluations will be sent electronically to all PaCE students during one of the last classes of your course. Results will be shared about a month later. An email notification will be sent out to all Instructors once the Evaluations are available for review.

Contact Information: you have received an email with contact information to use in case of an emergency, (for example, a building is locked or a student worker did not show up for your class when you need help). Please keep that communication for your records, or email to be reminded. 

Door  Keys: We will open doors to Kerr Hall and classrooms prior to your class.   If you are the last instructor to leave, please shut the door to hallway as you leave.  As an FYI: We have two portable lockboxes that contain two spare keys to the Kerr Hall classrooms.  These are located in the hallway on the outside lobby door and the outside door to 2140.  

Each key will open the 2166 lobby, 2166A, 2166B and 2140 classroom doors and has a label with contact information and instruction to return key to lock box when done. If you don’t remember the code, email to be reminded. 

Additional Resources:

UCSB Map -

UCSB Parking - Permit information can be found here. Click here for parking rates.

Program Support – Program Support can assist you with classroom issues including media and access during business hours. They can be reached at (805) 893-4200 or via our contact form.

Our office is open Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm PST. Program Support is not available after business hours.

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