When and how can I enroll in UCSB Academic courses?

You can enroll in academic courses during the enrollment period of each quarter. There is no opportunity to enroll in academic courses pre-arrival.

During the first 3 weeks of the quarter, students visit the classes they want to take. They speak with the instructor about being added, and use the Open University Authorization Form to get signature approval.

When you have the form completed, please bring to our Student Services front desk for formal enrollment. Because you pay a per-quarter flat tuition fee, there will be no individual course payments.

To recap:

  1. Search for UCSB Academic courses in the quarter of study
  2. Attend the course and speak with instructor about enrollment
  3. Get instructor's signature on authorization form
  4. Return form to Extension office for official enrollment (no payment due)

Note: Spaces are not guaranteed and are on a space-available basis.   

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