What are the Medical Humanities electives?

Medical Humanities Electives can be found here.

Students may also petition to count other relevant, but unlisted, courses as electives.

Elective Courses (Updated November 4, 2019)

All courses are 4 units unless otherwise noted.

Black Studies

  • 138 African Religions in the Americas
  • 106 Women and Politics of the Body

Chicana/o Studies

  • 124L Introduction to US Xicana/o(x) & Latinx Public Art Lab, 1 unit
  • 137 Xicana/o(x) Oral/Visual Traditions: Spirituality as Resistance in meXicana/o Art Practice
    and Culture: Recovery and Reclamation of Cultural Sovereignty Through Art Practice,
    Ritual & Ceremony
  • 134 Art Praxis – Xicana(x) Art Education as Social Practice: Politics, Methods, and Practice for
    Community-Based Work, 5 units
  • 191J Special Topics
    Memory and Recollection in Xicana/o(x) Art Practice
    ArteSana: Art and Healing in Community


  • 60 Science and Medicine in Ancient Greece

Comparative Literature

  • 36 Global Humanities
  • 186FL Vegetarianism: Food, Literature, Philosophy
  • 27 Memory: Bridging the Humanities and Neuroscience, 3 units
  • 111 Dreaming in Cultural Contexts
  • 113 Trauma, Memory, and Historiography
  • 192CA Cognitive Approaches to World Literature (cross-listed as ENG190)

East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies

  • CHIN 48 Ethics and Society according to Classical Chinese Thought
  • EACS 7 Asian Values
  • EACS 47 Introduction to Daoism [cross-listed with RGST 47]
  • CHIN 163A: Sex, Drugs and Chinese Meditation [cross-listed with RGST 163A]


  • 109 Out of Place - Writing Our Way Home — A Creative Writing Class
  • 134FC Flor y Canto Poetry Reading & Writing from Xicano/a/x Perspective
  • 137B Latinx Poetry, Spoken Word, and Performance Art
  • 170 series (Literature and Mind emphasis)
  • 170 LM Literature and Medicine
  • 170 IM Introduction to Literature and Mind
  • 170 MB Mind, Brain and Literature
  • 170DA Disability Aesthetics
  • 171 Literature and the Human Mind
  • 175HR Human Rights
  • 197 (undergraduate seminars)John Keats: Literature and Science
  • 190 Cognitive Approaches to World Literature

Feminist Studies

  • 130 Perspectives on Women’s Health
  • 136 Cultural Analysis of Reproduction and Sexuality
  • 154 Medicine and Comedy


  • 20: Science Technology and Medicine in Modern Society
  • 74 Poverty, Inequality, and Social Justice in Historical and Global Context(
  • 101G Comparative History of Same Sex Practices and Gender Variance
  • 106B The Scientific Revolution, 1500-1800


  • 75: Medicine for Underserved Communities (Prystowsky)
  • 133B: Memory: An Interdisciplinary Exploration (Kosik, Yasuda)
  • 156EE: Environmental Ethics (Jarrett)
  • 156BE: Bioethics (Jarrett)
  • 175: Health Policy and Access to Care (Jaconnette)


  • 4: Introduction to Ethics
  • 100: Ethics
  • 131: Advanced Topics in Ethics
  • 138: Normative Ethics
  • 141: History of Ethics

Religious Studies

  • 12 Religious Approaches to Death
  • 14 Native American Religion
  • 47 Introduction to Daoism
  • 61 African Religions in the Americas
  • 101B Religious Experience
  • 110L LGBT Religious History: Queering the Spirit
  • 114E Rites of Passage in the U.S.
  • 150A Theory in Magic, Magic in Theory
  • 156BE Biomedical Ethics [crosslisted as INT 156BE]
  • 161E Buddhist Cognitive and Contemplative Sciences
  • 163C Doctors and Diviner: Science, Medicine, and Religion in Premodern China
  • 193B Religion and Healing in Global Perspective

Spanish and Portuguese

  • 145 Spanish for Healthcare


  • 105SW: Science Writing for the Public
  • 105WE: Writing and Ethics
  • 109HP: Writing for the Health Professions
  • 109ST: Writing for Science and Technology
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