International Diploma Program: Fees

International Diploma Program

Professional Diplomas
- comprised of PaCE professional coursework only.

One-Quarter Certificates, $5,245

Digital Marketing
Business Leadership 
Introduction to Global Business

Two-Quarter Certificates, $10,245

Practical Project Management
Python Programming
Web Development
Customized Business Management

Three-Quarter Certificates, $14,745

Business Administration
Business Accounting
Human Resource Management
Customized Certificate + OPT

Four-Quarter Certificate, $18,945

Professional Accounting

Academic Integrated Diplomas
- comprised of PaCE professional courses, AND UCSB academic courses

Two-Quarter Certificates, $11,945

Business Communication & Law

Three-Quarter Certificates, $16,945 

Strategic Investments
Technology Management

If you would like to pursue a certificate, please contact us directly for advising at

*Tuition costs do not include housing.

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