University Immersion Program: Fees

University Immersion (Fall, Winter, Spring)

Application Fee: $200 (one-time)
- Non-refundable and due with application

Program Costs: $7,445 Quarterly Flat Fee
- Includes all student services, program and course fees (up to 12 units.)

Estimated Living Expenses: $6,430

Estimated total costs of attendance per quarter: $13,875 
- Includes program costs and estimated living expenses
See Additional Fees as needed here.

University Immersion (Summer Only)

Program Costs: 
3 weeks (6 units): $3,445
Estimated Living Expenses: $1,500
Total: $4,945

6 weeks (6 units): $3,445
Estimated Living Expenses: $2,500
Total: $5,945

12 weeks (12 units): same as above quarterly flat fee.


As a University Immersion student, you have the option to pursue a Professional Diploma. If you would like to incorporate a certificate in your studies at UCSB, please contact our UIP Program Manager for advising.

Here are the certificate options available to you:

Digital Marketing
Business Leadership
Practical Project Management
Web Development
Practical Project Management
Business Administration
Business Accounting
Human Resource Management
Technology Management
Business Communication and Law
Customized Certificate + OPT
Professional Accounting



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