Agency Application Process

  1. Complete the online Agent/Representative: 

  2. Application is assessed by UCSB Professional and Continuing Education based on the following criteria:
    • A detailed and complete application form
    • Three positive references
    • Agency website review
    • Is the agent/agency currently sending students to other schools/universities in the USA?
    • AIRC accreditation is preferred.
  3. You will receive a welcome email when your application is approved.

  4. You will also receive a draft of Professional Services Agreement (PSA) between your organization and UCSB Professional and Continuing Education for your review.

  5. UCSB Procurement department will contact you regarding becoming a UCSB vendor. You will be asked to submit the following forms:
  6. After UCSB Procurement approves you as a vendor, you will again be contacted to sign the Professional Services Agreement.

    Now you are ready to send us your students!
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