What is the Medical English Immersion Program?

This 2-week applied Medical English Immersion program is designed to introduce non-native English speakers to:

  • the medical profession in the US American context
  • a variety of clinical and medical settings
  • English language proficiency levels in general and specialized medical terminology
  • instruction by highly trained, and renowned medical researchers, specialists and physicians. 

Morning sessions will be devoted to site visits, talks, and didactics on special topics at Cottage Hospital in downtown Santa Barbara. Afternoon on-campus language classes will focus on English language preparation by enhancing vocabulary, reading, writing, and interaction skills.

Some of the program’s highlights include:

Daily, on-site visits in state-of-the-art medical institutes and teaching hospital in beautiful Santa Barbara

Didactics and seminars by distinguished medical professionals and researchers

Excellent English language instruction and deepening of professional language skills by experienced instructors on the campus of the world-renowned University of California, Santa Barbara

Fun, engaging, and varied modes of instruction and immersion (talks, presentations, small group rounds on-site, individual, classroom settings, free time for exploring Santa Barbara etc.)

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