Can I transfer credits toward completion of the TESOL Certificate?

Transfer credit is limited to 3 quarter-length units.

UCSB transferable courses include either:

  • LING 139 Intro to Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages.
    Credit transfer to satisfy certificate course LING X402 Intro to TESOL (1 unit)


  • LING 140 English Grammar for Teachers.
    Credit transfer to satisfy certificate course LING X425 Language Analysis, Awareness & Teaching Techniques (Part A) (3 units)

Other proposed transfer courses must be comparable in content and length to the UCSB Extension equivalent, and must have been taken from an accredited college or university within the last five years. To determine whether courses taken at other schools will qualify, please send UCSB Extension a copy of the course title, description, and the dates the course was taken along with the UCSB Extension course title equivalent(s). Your advisor will inform you whether the course work is transferable. 

To activate the formal transfer of credit, you must have filed an Application for Candidacy in the certificate program and must also request that the school you previously attended to send an official transcript to the certificate advisor. If the course was completed at UCSB, please indicate this information and include your perm #.

Questions concerning transferability of certificate course credit from this TESOL Certificate Program toward degree programs at other schools should be directed to the degree-granting institution.

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