How is the program scheduled?

The 8-week Summer TESOL Certificate Program is offered each year from June to August to foster accelerated completion of the program.

Courses are offered in evenings and on weekends to accommodate participants who work or attend school full time. Course readings and some components such as quizzes and forum discussions may be required online in some courses.

Most courses are offered on campus at UCSB. TESOL courses are taught in the same interactive, learner-centered manner that languages are taught, using group work, role play, and problem-solving activities. 

For each hour of class work, you should expect to spend at least an hour on outside class work and final assignments.

Due to the experiential nature of the learning process, attendance is mandatory and absences cannot be made up. The final grade for each course will be based on a combination of participation, homework, and assignments.

The required course sequence can be found on the TESOL Certificate Page

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