International Student Programs: Fees (2018-2019)

Application Fee: $200

(due with application for all programs; one-time/nonrefundable)


ISP Program Costs*: $5,805

(due each quarter of study; includes quarterly program fee, quarterly student services fee, estimated quarterly course fees**)


Estimated Living Expenses: $6,687

Estimated total costs of attendance: $12,492

(includes ISP program costs and estimated living expenses)

See Additional Fees as needed here.


Please note:

1st Payment Subtotal: $2,195

(due 6 weeks prior to the program begin date. Space is not guaranteed as it fills quickly.)

2nd Payment for Course Fees: due at time of course enrollment***


Professional Certificate Costs (Certificate and International UCSB PaCE Student)*

Leadership and Advocacy: $6,645

Business Accounting: $6,695

Professional Accounting: $7,345

Applied Behavior Analysis: $5,185

Business Administration: $6,695

Business Communication & Law: $6395

Business Leadership: $4,945

Child Life: $5,095

Introduction to Global Business: $4,995

Global Business Essentials: $7,395

Global Business Leadership: $9,795

Human Resource Management: $6,715

Journalism: $7,195

Digital Marketing: $4,895

Paralegal Studies: $7,265

Practical Project Management: $4,955

Technology Management: $7,635

Web Development: $7,395

*Non-UCSB costs plus International Program application fee, program fee, student services fee (total: $2,395)


* ISP Program Costs for Summer quarter (6 weeks): $5,595

(Estimated Living Expenses: $3,340)

** Course fees: This is an estimate. The exact amount depends on the amount of courses the student enrolls into and will be charged only at time of enrollment (for UCSB Main Campus undergraduate courses: $281/unit; graduate courses $335/unit; Professional and Continuing Education course fees vary); Also not included in the estimated course fees are books and materials. These differ from course to course.

*** Enrollment for all courses is prior to the course begin date.


Please note: Deadline for enrollment for academic study/Open University courses: approximately three weeks into the quarter.

Students need to maintain a minimum daily allowance in their debit/credit cards in order to cover course fees. Amounts of course fees vary due to the variety of courses selected. Enrollment in courses is limited and space is not guaranteed.


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