Safety in Isla Vista

Members of the UCSB community are now receiving information about serious crimes when they occur on campus and in Isla Vista through UCSB Alert System timely warnings. Though the timely warnings can be alarming, they are intended to provide you with information to assist you in avoiding dangerous situations. Issuance of these warnings may help to identify at-large suspects more quickly. To register for the timely warnings, please visit the UCSB Alert System website and log in with your UCSBNetID.

UCSB is concerned about crime in Isla Vista and wants it to be a safe place for our students to live. UCSB’s administration, the UCSB Police Department, and Associated Students are working closely with the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department, which has jurisdiction in Isla Vista. UCSB will continue to work with and support the Sheriff's Department and Isla Vista Foot Patrol in addressing issues related to student safety off-campus.

UCSB has many efforts already in place to provide safety education for students. Below is a listing of resources, as well as tips you can follow, to improve your own safety.

Isla Vista Safety Tips

    • Be aware of your surroundings.
    • Walk in pairs, especially at night, and/or utilize the UCSB Community Service Organization (CSO) escort service on campus and in Isla Vista by calling (805) 893-2000.
    • Call IV Foot Patrol (see below for phone numbers) to report crime, or if you notice suspicious, dangerous, or criminal behavior or activities.
    • Lock your doors and windows; don’t leave valuables in vehicles, and always secure your bicycle.
    • If you rent in Isla Vista, talk to your property owner or manager about any security concerns on the property. If you need assistance or advice, visit the UCSB Community Housing Office or call (805) 893-4371.
    • Don’t invite out-of-town friends to visit you in Isla Vista if you aren’t willing to take responsibility for their behavior.
    • Don’t allow people you don’t know into your parties. Please visit UCSB Life of the Party for more tips on how to increase safety at parties.
    • Be careful near the cliffs along Del Playa where there are unfenced areas in some locations, and make sure your out-of-town guests are aware of the dangers.
    • Obey the law and local ordinances, including traffic and bike laws.

UCSB Campus and Community Safety Resources

Isla Vista Foot Patrol

    • Dial 9-1-1 in an emergency or to report suspicious or dangerous behavior in Isla Vista.
    • Call (805) 681-4179 for nonemergency information, questions, or to request an IV Foot Patrol officer for a group safety presentation.
    • Come to office hours with Lt. Ray Vuillemainroy on Mondays from 3–5 p.m. at IV Foot Patrol.

UCSB Police Department

    • Dial 9-1-1 in an emergency or to report suspicious or dangerous behavior on campus.
    • Call (805) 893-3446 for nonemergency information or to request a UC Police officer for a group safety presentation.
    • Visit the UCSB Police website for logs of daily incidents and crime prevention tips.
    • For safety videos created for UCSB, visit the UCSB Public Safety YouTube channel. 

UCSB Community Service Organization

UCSB CARE Program (formerly Rape Prevention Education Program)

    • Call (805) 893-3778 or visit the Women’s Center on the first floor of Student Resource Building at UCSB

Remember that more than 80% of sexual assaults involve someone who knows the victim. The Campus Advocacy Resources and Education (CARE) staff members are available to meet with anyone who has been impacted by interpersonal violence.

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