How do I access course materials in GauchoSpace?

If you are enrolled in a course that uses GauchoSpace, you will receive an e-mail after enrollment with the directions below to create your UCSBNetID and password through Identity Manager.

DO NOT try to create your UCSBNetID and/or access GauchoSpace until you receive that e-mail.

In order to use services like:

  • Gauchospace - our online course system
  • Campus Wi-Fi (via Eduroam or UCSB Wireless Web)
  • Off-campus library access
  • All other UCSB online services

you need to first set up a UCSBNetID and password. Please do this by following the steps below:

STEP 1: Create your UCSBNetID and password. 

NOTE: If you already have a UCSBNetID and password, please do not create another one.

Go to
Click on the Professional and Continuing Education button

Your UCSB Professional and Continuing Education ID can be found on our site in your Student profile.

Please fill out your information as follows:

Your last name:

Example: Smith

Your date of birth should be in this format:
Example: 1/1/2001

Your UCSB PaCE Student ID:
Example: X282263



Here is a video that may be helpful: 

Please complete this process as soon as possible. After STEP 1 is completed, please be aware that it might take up to 2 business days to add you to Gauchospace, our online course system.

STEP 2: Login to Gauchospace
Login to Gauchospace using your UCSBNetID and Password (created in STEP 1).

UCSBNetID example: joe.pace (DO NOT include or 
Once you login to Gauchospace, make sure Show all courses is selected at the bottom of the page.




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