Professional Certificate Programs

A Professional Certificate Program is defined as an integrated curriculum of credit courses that totals a minimum of 108 hours of instruction.

Completing a Professional Certificate Program:

  • Represents a major personal achievement!
  • Indicates to employers a serious commitment to lifelong learning and professional advancement. 
  • Provides in-depth academic study of a professional field.
  • Prepares individuals to enter a new career or advance within their current profession.
  • Addresses a full range of subjects within a discipline.
  • Allows students to develop a fundamental knowledge of the field as well as study specialized individual topics.

Courses are graded, and require exams or final projects and out-of-class assignments. Most courses qualify for employer-paid assistance or tuition reimbursement. Professional Certificate Programs generally take from one to three years to complete. Formal application and acceptance to the program is required.

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