What is a List of Proposed Courses (LPC)?

If you are enrolled in the University Immersion Program or the Graduate Studies Preparation Program, you must submit a List of Proposed Courses (LPC). This is a list of the courses you plan to take during your program at UCSB Extension. You will receive an e-mail/survey from UCSB Extension requesting your LPC. After you review the courses you may select as a student enrolled in the University Immersion Program, you must list your first-choice courses (consisting of three courses) and your second-choice courses (consisting of three courses)—which gives a total of six courses—and submit the list to UCSB Extension by the stated deadline.

The purpose of the LPC is to guide you in your studies at UCSB Extension. In addition, the data from your LPC is shared with academic departments for the purpose of determining the probability of obtaining spaces in your desired courses.

Note: If your desired course is not on your LPC, your chances of getting a space is reduced. Enrollment in specific courses is always on a space available basis. Submitting your LPC does not guarantee you a space in any course and does not enroll you in a course (you need to enroll in courses separately).

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