Open University Grading Information

OU Grading Information

At the end of the quarter, your instructor assigns final grades and records them on a UCSB grade roster (eGrades) by a specified Faculty Grading Deadline. In most cases, final grades will be available within three weeks of the end of the quarter, unless there is a delay due to the instructor not returning grades promptly. Your grades may be viewed through the UCSB Professional and Continuing Education (PaCE) Student Portal.

You must choose either the Letter Grade or Passed/Not passed grading option at the time you complete your Open University Authorization Form.

If you decide to change your grading option during the quarter, you must file a Request for Change of Grading Option Form by the Change Grading Option deadline and submit the completed form along with the processing fee to the UCSB PaCE Student Services office. Requests for a change of grading option will not be accepted after the deadline.

Passed/Not Passed Grades

You may choose the Passed/Not Passed grading option in accordance with campus regulations. If you intend to transfer credit to another institution, you should verify in advance their acceptance of Passed/Not Passed grading. Passed (P) grades will be assigned only for course work equivalent to a C or better; Not Passed (NP) grades will be assigned for work equivalent to a C- or below.

Incomplete Grades
The grade Incomplete (I) may be assigned when your work is of passing quality but is incomplete. If you are unable to complete the course work by the end of the quarter you may petition for an Incomplete grade.

In order to obtain an Incomplete grade, you must have the instructor sign the Petition for Incomplete Grade. The completed form must be filed with UCSB PaCE by the Petition for Incomplete Deadline. Forms may be submitted by email.

If the coursework is completed by the end of the following quarter, your instructor will submit your final grades to UCSB PaCE, replacing the Incomplete grade. If your coursework is not completed by that deadline, the I grade automatically converts to a grade of F or NP, as appropriate (unless your instructor notifies UCSB PaCE, in writing, to extend the deadline).

No Grade Reported
If an instructor does not report a grade for a course in which you are enrolled, it is your responsibility to contact your instructor and ask the instructor to email your final grade to at their earliest convenience so we can record it in our database. After three months, if no grade is received from your instructor, you will automatically receive a grade of F or NP, depending on your chosen grading option.

Records for Open University coursework are permanently maintained. Courses taken through the Open University Program are recorded with the course number prefix of "XSB" on UCSB PaCE transcripts. UCSB PaCE does not assign grade points or calculate a grade point average for Open University courses.

Note: If you become a matriculated student (or if you have already been a matriculated student), UCSB will average grades for UCSB Open University courses taken fall 2000 or thereafter into your UCSB grade point average. If you are planning to become a UCSB student, you should note that your grades in UCSB Open University courses will be considered in your application, and poor performance may hinder your admission. Courses taken through the Open University Program do not count toward UCSB's academic residency requirements.

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