Open University Dropping Courses/Withdrawal Procedures

Prior to the Deadline

You are responsible to petition to drop an Open University course in which you are enrolled. To formally drop a course, you must obtain the Petition for Withdrawal form. Requests to drop must be received by the Student Services Office no later than 4 p.m. on the deadline date. Courses dropped prior to this deadline will not appear on your permanent transcript records.

Students who file drop petitions by the drop deadline are eligible for a full refund of their course fees.

After the Deadline

In order to request permission to drop a course after the drop deadline, you must submit the Petition for Late or Retroactive Drop form to the Student Services Office, along with written documentation of extenuating circumstances and the required fee. Your instructor must endorse dropping the course after the deadline.

Exceptions to the published drop deadline are granted only in very unusual and compelling circumstances. Permission to drop after the deadline can only be granted by the Division of Professional and Continuing Education. A Withdrawal (W) grade will be assigned when you receive permission to drop a course after the drop deadline. Failure to formally withdraw from a course you do not complete will result in the recording of an F or NP grade.

No refund of fees are issued after the drop deadline.

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