Miscellaneous Fees

Late Enrollment/Drop

A late fee is charged for processing course enrollments after the established quarterly enrollment deadline. A drop fee is charged to submit a petition to leave a course after the published drop deadline.

For Open University you must submit a Petition for Late or Retroactive Enrollment if enrolling after the deadline.

*Exceptions to the published enrollment and drop deadline will be granted only in very unusual and compelling circumstances. Permission to enroll and drop courses after the deadline can only be granted by UC Santa Barbara Division of Professional and Continuing Education.

Change of Grading Option

An administrative fee is charged for processing requests to change a course grading option from letter grade to pass/ no credit or vice versa (refer to the Grading Options section for the proper procedure).

To change a grading option for Open University, you must complete and submit a Request for Change of Grading Option.

Returned Check/Credit Card Chargeback

A fee is assessed for all returned checks. If a check is returned due to insufficient funds, you will lose the right to pay by check. A fee is also accrued for all credit card charge backs.

An administrative fee is charged for Optical Practical Training (OPT).

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