Transferring Courses, Dropping Courses and Withdrawal Procedures


Extension Courses

You may submit a Transfer request for any Extension Course (Classroom, Blended and Online) prior to the published start date of the course. Please follow the Transfer request process below:

  • Transfer requests must be made one day before the published course start date. If the published course start date falls on a weekend day, the transfer request deadline is the Friday immediately before the courses start.
  • Requests may be submitted in writing by contacting Please include your name, student number and the course number and title for both the course you want to transfer from and into.
  • All Transfer requests are subject to a nonrefundable transfer processing fee of $20.00 per class.
  • Transfer requests that are a result of a course cancellation are not subject to the transfer processing fee.
  • Approvals for Transfer requests are based on course and space availability and the scheduled course start date.
  • Any difference in course fees are assessed and due at the time of the transfer.


Extension Courses

Extension Credit Courses (X1 to X199)

It is the student's responsibility to petition to withdraw from a course in which they are enrolled. The The Petition for Withdrawal form must be submitted with the instructor's signature no later than 4pm on the Friday of the fourth week of instruction. A "W" or withdraw, is recorded on the transcript in this case.
Students who stop attending and who do not formally withdraw by notifying the UCSB Extension Student Services Office in writing will have an NP or F recorded, depending on the course number and grading option.

Extension Credit Courses (X300 to X499)

Students who wish to withdraw from a credit course may do so until the last class session without penalty providing they notify UCSB Extension Student Services Office in writing and the instructor of the course. An "NC" will be recorded in this case.

Extension Noncredit Courses (X800 to X899)

Students who wish to withdraw from a noncredit course may do so until the last class session by notifying the UCSB Extension Student Services Office in writing. Special Withdrawal Policies: These are noted in the course descriptions and special program announcements throughout the publications.


A $40 per course administrative fee is charged for ALL refunds except when courses are cancelled, discontinued, or rescheduled.

If you who wish to cancel your enrollment and you are eligible for a refund of course fees (less the $40 administrative fee), you should notify UCSB Extension as soon as possible through the Student Portal. A written request must be submitted online, faxed, e-mailed, or postmarked by the deadline date or fees are automatically forfeited. You may also request a refund in person at the UCSB Extension offices located at 2160 Kerr Hall, UCSB.

Petition for Withdrawal from UCSB Extension Course and/or Request for Refund

NOTE: Be sure to include your name, date, course title, course number, a daytime phone number, and your student ID number.

Refund Eligibility for Courses with 1-6 Meetings

A full refund is given less the $40 administrative fee if notice is received five business days or more before the start date of the course. A 50% refund is given less the $40 administrative fee if notice is received one to four days before the start date of the course. No refunds are given after the course begins.

Refund Eligibility for Courses with 7 or More Meetings and Online Courses

A full refund is given less the $40 administrative fee if notice is received by the last business day before the third class meeting. No refunds are given if notice is received after the third class meeting.

Fees paid by check are refunded with a check. Allow four to eight weeks from the date the refund is requested to receive the check. Fees paid using VISA or MasterCard are credited back to the card. A credit should appear on the next monthly statement.

Refund Exceptions

Exceptions to these policies are considered only under the most unusual circumstances. All exceptions must be submitted in writing and be accompanied by any supporting documents (such as a doctor's note).

A Student Services representative will contact you as to the outcome of your request. Refunds are not granted if a student chooses to disregard the course prerequisite(s) and finds he/she must drop the course after the refund deadline. If you have stopped attending a credit course and are receiving a refund, you will automatically be deleted from the course. Otherwise, if you stop attending, you must officially withdraw by notifying Extension in writing.

These policies and procedures do not pertain to Open University courses. Please refer to the current Open University policies for details.

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