Cancelled/Discontinued Courses

UCSB Extension reserves the right to cancel or discontinue any of its courses. These decisions are based on financial circumstances related to UCSB Extension's fee-supported basis. UCSB Extension is not responsible for refunds of parking permits, textbooks, or other course materials on these cancelled or discontinued courses. The decision whether to conduct the course is generally made four days prior to the first class meeting. In some cases, the decision is made at the first class meeting.

The decision to cancel or discontinue a class is based on the number of paid enrollments on hand at that time and the actual costs associated with conducting the course. When a course is cancelled, fees are automatically refunded. If there are insufficient enrollments over time, the course may be discontinued.

Open University Courses
If a course is listed as cancelled in the Schedule of Classes, the course will not be held during the quarter.

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