Where do I find courses that are part of my program?

University Immersion Program

Students participating in the University Immersion Program may select and take the following:

  • UCSB Professional and Continuing Education courses that are listed on our website
  • UCSB Regular Session courses that are listed on the UCSB Schedule of Classes
  • Academic English and Communication courses

Note: Know your academic level and select courses at that level. Course levels are identified by the Course Number/ID.

Course Number/ID Level When to Take the Courses
1–99 Undergraduate, lower level Year 1 and 2 at university
100–199 Undergraduate, upper division Year 3 and 4 at university
200–299 Graduate After undergraduate (bachelor’s) degree
Professional Anytime

For more information about the UCSB Schedule of Classes, please see, "How to Read the UCSB Schedule of Classes."

International Diploma Program

Students participating in the International Diploma Program will take all required coursework for completion (UCSB Extension coursework ONLY.) All necessary coursework can be found by searching certificates here

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