Activating Your Accounts

Your campus accounts – UCSBNetID, U-mail are the first things you will need for study at UC Santa Barbara International Programs, as well to access important services like Campus Wi-Fi and GauchoSpace (our online learning platform). 

  • Please do not activate these accounts until you receive an email with the instructions below about 6 weeks before the beginning of the Quarter
  • Please note: If you have already created your UCSBNetID, you do not need to create another one

So, how do I activate my accounts?

STEP 1: Create your UCSBNetID and password.


Your last name:
Example: Smith

Your date of birth should be in this format:
Example: 1/1/2001

Your UCSB PaCE Student ID:
Example: X282263

  • For your last name, please enter all of your surnames as indicated on your passport, so you can log in successfully and create your UCSBnetID
  • If your birthday appears strange, remember that U.S. dates are entered in the following order: Month, Day, Year. If any of your above information is incorrect, please contact us at

Here is a video that may be helpful: 


Make sure to keep a record of your UCSBnetID. You will need it later to activate your accounts. 

STEP 2: Sign in to

  • Sign in with your
    (for example:
  • Enter your UCSBnetID password

STEP 3: 
Later (within a week), you will receive an invitation from us to the International Student Welcome Center on Gauchospace.


Note: Please note that UCSB PaCE (Student ID #) and UCSBNetID are two different accounts and make sure you remember both. Your UCSB PaCE Student account includes the profile with your records, while your UCSB NetID is your account to access the on campus Wi-Fi and the off campus UCSB library.

If you need any assistance, please contact:



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