Activating Your Accounts

To activate your wireless, U-Mail, and GauchoSpace accounts for Open University, you must first obtain a UCSBnetID (video below.) Please note the following:

  • Wireless Network
    The UCSB Wireless network is accessible through the UCSB Wireless Web with a UCSBnetID. The UCSB Wireless Web is available at various locations.
  • U-Mail Account
    Students enrolled in Open University/UCSB Regular Session courses or in UCSB Summer Sessions courses need to have a U-Mail account to communicate with instructors.
  • GauchoSpace
    Open University/UCSB regular session course instructors use GauchoSpace, the online database for course materials such as syllabi, articles, quizzes, homework, links to readings, and announcements. Students must be added to GauchoSpace to access materials. After activating your GauchoSpace, please submit the completed Open University/GauchoSpace Form to each instructor of the Open University/regular session courses in which you are enrolled.


  • Activation of accounts is contingent upon entry into the Open University Program. Any issues with enrollment may cause a delay. Students are subject to the same usage policies as regular UCSB students. These are outlined when students log in to their account the first time.
  • Open University students have the same access to the computer labs as regular students for any course that requires lab activities.


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