How do I Enroll in Open University?


Effective Fall 2021, in order to attend in-person classes on campus, you are required to fill out an On Demand Symptom Screening before arriving on campus. You will receive an email that will confirm whether you are allowed to enter campus facilities. If you are not cleared to be on campus, you cannot attend classes. Please note that masks are required in all shared indoor campus spaces.

Please fill out the On Demand screening survey before arriving on campus.

Under Contact Information, please enter “PaCE Screening” for Contact Name and” for “Contact Email”.


By enrolling in Open University, you can take UCSB courses without a formal admission at UCSB. Enrollment  is dependent on space availability. Please note that enrollment approval is ultimately at the Academic Department's discretion. 

Here are the steps for enrolling in Open University:

  1. As early as possible, complete the Open University pre-enrollment process here. Please find a quick summary of the Open University Fees and Deadlines here. After you have completed pre-enrollment, you will receive an email from our Customer Success Team with instructions on how to create your UCSBNetID which you will need to access Gauchospace, the UCSB online learning platform, where your course/s will be offered. Please allow up to 48 business hours after pre-enrollment to receive that email.
  2. After you activate your UCSBNet ID and within a week of the first day of instruction, we will send you an email with instructions on how to fill out the required Open University Authorization Form . Please note that you will need to fill out an Open University Authorization Form for each course you plan to enroll in. Please do not send multiple forms for the same course as they will be voided.
  3. Find the course/s you want to take on the UCSB's main Schedule of Classes and make sure to enter the exact course number and description in the required Open University Authorization Form. If needed, please have evidence of prerequisite completion for your selected course/s.
  4. Once we receive the approved Open University Authorization Form from the proper Department Advisor, we will contact you to enroll you in the approved course/s and pay the course fees. Please note that you will also receive a copy of the Open University Authorization Form once it is either approved or denied by the proper Department. If you have NOT received a copy, then the Form has not been approved or denied yet. Please do not reach out to us asking for status since we do not control when Departments approve or deny Forms.
  5. Once officially enrolled, we will email you a Gauchospace Form. You will send the form directly to the Instructor or Teaching Assistant via DocuSign in order to be added to the course/s. Our Department does not have visibility into Gauchospace and does not add students to Gauchospace.
  6. You are now ready to log into Gauchospace and participate in your course/s.
  7. Fill out the On Demand screening survey before arriving on campus in order to attend in-person classes (please see information at the top of the page).

Please note that if under 19 years of age, you will also need to submit Waiver and Authorization forms before enrolling in the course(s). These forms will be provided during the enrollment process. 

NOTE: as an Open University student, you will not receive a Perm number or ID card. Only UCSB matriculated students receive a Perm number.


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