How do I enroll in Open University?

By enrolling in Open University, you can take UCSB courses without being a matriculated student. Enrollment is not guaranteed. It is on a space-available basis. All students enrolled in a degree program at UCSB must be accommodated before Open University students can enroll in a course. Enrollment is not possible prior to the start of classes. Enrollment is only possible after instruction begins and after you have secured the instructor's (and select department's) signature

Here are the steps for enrolling in Open University:

  1. Find the course(s) you want to take on UCSB's main Schedule of Classes.

  2. Visit the Open University Fees and Deadlines chart to ensure you are on time for enrollment.

  3. Have evidence of prerequisite completion for your selected course (if needed). Prerequisites are listed in the UCSB General Catalog

  4. Prior to attending the first class session, obtain one Open University Authorization Form for each course you plan to take.                                                                                                          

    SPRING 2020 NOTE* Prior to attending the first class session, please use this link to require instructor’s signature  through DocuSign to obtain one Open University Authorization Form  for each course you plan to take.  Your courses may require department signatures, then Contact Us

  5. During the first class session, introduce yourself to the instructor, and indicate that you wish to enroll in the course through the Open University Program. You must obtain the instructor's signature on the Open University Authorization Form. Enrollment in a course is at the instructor's discretion*. If attendance at a discussion section is required, you must also obtain the teaching assistant's (TA) signature on the form. Only UCSB instructors or others designated by them may approve and sign the Open University Authorization Forms; teaching assistants may sign only in conjunction with an instructor when the course requires a discussion section.**

  6. Submit your completed Open University Authorization Form with the required signatures and pay the course unit fees by the enrollment deadline. Submit forms in person to the Student Services Office, 2166 Kerr Hall, during business hours. Exceptions to the published deadline to add and/or drop courses require a petition and payment of fees. Approvals of late add petitions are granted only in very unusual and compelling circumstances (see Dropping Course/ Withdrawal Procedures).

  7. Once you submit your Open University Authorization Form and pay your fees, you will be able to view and print an enrollment confirmation from your Student Portal. This verification is proof of enrollment; as an Open University student, you will not receive a Perm number or ID card from UCSB.

*The instructor may defer signing the Open University Authorization Form until all UCSB students enrolled in degree programs have been accommodated. If you find you cannot enroll in your first-choice course because the class is full, obtain additional authorization forms and try to enroll in other courses.

**Several departments also require department signatures. These departments are listed on the Open University Authorization Form.

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