FERPA (Student Records)

In accordance to the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 and campus procedures implementing UC policies applying to the disclosure of information from student records, you have the right to inspect and review records pertaining to your capacity as a student; to have personally identifiable information from student records withheld from disclosure without prior consent for release (with exceptions as noted in Section 130 of the University policies); to inspect records maintained by the campus that include personally identifiable information from student records; to seek correction of student records through a request to amend the records or a request for a hearing; and to file complaints with the Department of Education regarding alleged violations of the rights accorded by the Federal Act.

Copies of the university's policies and campus implementation procedures and questions regarding various privacy regulations, including the text of the Privacy Act, can be addressed to the Santa Barbara Campus Information Practices Coordinator, Office of Equal Opportunity and Sexual Harassment/Title IX Compliance.

For the type and locations of student records maintained by the campus and titles and addresses of the officials responsible for the records, please refer to Policy 4005 in the UCSB Policies and Procedure Manual.

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