Grading Options

UC Santa Barbara Division of Professional and Continuing Education Courses

Professional Credit Courses (X1 to X199)
Students choose either a letter grade or passed/ not passed grading option at the time of enrollment. To change the grading option, fill out the Request for Change of Grading Option form and submit the processing fee to the Student Services Office no later than the seventh week of instruction. Special changing credit or grading option policies are noted in the individual course descriptions and special program announcements.

Professional Credit Courses (X300 to X499)
Students have until the last session of the class to change their status from credit to no credit (or vice versa) and to change their grading option from letter grade to pass/no credit (or the reverse). A $25 per course processing fee is charged for all credit or grading option changes. To change your credit or grading option, fill out the Request for Change of Grading Option and submit the processing fee to the Student Services Office. Students are responsible for notifying the instructor of any change in credit or grading status.

Professional Credit Courses (X300-X499) Enrolling for No Credit
Students may opt to enroll in credit courses on a no-credit basis. In this case, they may participate selectively in classroom activities. Noncredit students pay full fees and receive verification that they attended the course, but do not earn a grade or receive units ("NC" or no credit is recorded for the course). All certificate students must enroll for credit.

Open University Courses
Grading options for regular session courses are listed in the UCSB Schedule of Classes. Click on the course title to view the grading options.

Changing Grading Options for Open University Courses
Options must adhere to those listed in the Schedule of Classes. Complete and submit a Request for Change of Grading Options form.

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