How can I find out if I meet course prerequisites?

You are responsible for meeting all the course prerequisites before enrolling in courses. Formal prerequisite clearance is required for some courses. Prerequisites ensure that you will have the necessary academic background for a course.

A. For UCSB Professional and Continuing Education courses with prerequisites, you must clear prerequisites with the instructor via e-mail before enrolling in courses. To clear prerequisites you must submit a request to Student Services. When you address the request to the instructor you should include the following:

  • Re: Prerequisite Clearance in the subject line
  • ID # and title of your desired course
  • Title and description (in English) of the course(s) taken at your home university that have similar content as the prerequisite for your desired course at UCSB
  • Your most recent transcript (in English)
  • Your name and e-mail address

Note: Send a separate request for each course with a prerequisite requirement. UCSB Professional and Continuing Education Student Services personnel will forward your request to the instructor and then let you know whether or not your request has been granted.

B. For UCSB regular session courses with prerequisites, see General Questions about Open University: When and How Do I Clear Course Prerequisites?.

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