Eligibility and Requirements - Blockchain Technologies

Take an individual course, or earn a certificate!

Individual blockchain courses from the following areas can be taken at any time, on a course-by-course basis:


To qualify for a certificate, you must enroll in one of the following full Certificate Programs:

Certified Blockchain Developer

Certified Blockchain Project Manager

Certified Blockchain Business Professional

Certified Blockchain Finance Professional

Certified Blockchain Insurance Professional

Certified Blockchain Healthcare Professional

Certified Blockchain Accounting Professional

Certified Blockchain Supply Chain Professional

Certified Blockchain Legal Professional

Enrollment to Completion - How much time do I have to complete the course?
The courses are designed to help you achieve a Certificate of Completion within 6 months. Learners eager to complete the program quickly can accomplish a Certificate within 6 weeks. Your blockchain courses provide a lot of flexibility allowing you to take the self-paced portion of your program at your convenience and pace. LIVE Virtual Training portions of your course are held regulatory (roughly every six weeks). For LIVE instruction you select a seat in an upcoming LIVE delivery. If you have not selected a seat the system will prompt you weekly to 'Select a seat'. You may change your LIVE instruction dates should you have scheduling conflicts or do not yet feel you've completed enough of the self-paced content to sit for the more engaging LIVE instruction.

Upon completion of a Certificate program, you will be able to claim your digital certificate from our Customer Services Office within 30 days of completion. You will be notified by email when it is ready.


You will be held to the certificate requirements in place at the time you pay your certificate fee. If the requirements for your certificate change, you can choose to complete the certificate under the new requirements. Because program requirements are usually updated to accommodate changing demands in a career field, you generally will not be allowed elect to complete the certificate under requirements that were discontinued prior to your registration in the program. Contact your program representative for more information.

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