Open University Roadmap: Economics

If you wish to enroll in ECON (Economics) classes offered through UC Santa Barbara Division of Professional and Continuing Education, follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Choose your Economics courses

  1. Review course availability on the Economics Department website. You can read the course descriptions on the UCSB General Catalog.


  • You are responsible for choosing courses in which you have already met the prerequisites. If prerequisites need to be confirmed, you will be contacted requesting more information.
  • Graduate level classes (numbered 200-299) are not available.

Step 2: Attend the first day of class and fill out the OU Application/Authorization form.

  • Go to the first class and ensure you are ready for the course material. If you feel you are not ready for the course, do not request it.

    Note: For ECON courses, do NOT contact the instructor for permission to attend class.
    You do NOT need to obtain the instructor's or the Teaching Assistant's signature.

  • Drop off the OU Authorization form at the Economics Department Office, 2121 North Hall, as soon as possible. The Economics Department will return all forms to the Student Services Office.

Step 3: Enroll at Student Services Office, 2166 Kerr Hall

  1. Pick up your OU Authorization form at the Student Services Office, 2166 Kerr Hall.

  2. Look at your OU Authorization form. If it is:

    1. Signed by the Economics Department, enroll in the course at the Student Services, Office, 2166 Kerr Hall.
    2. Not signed by the Economics Department, choose another course.
    3. Not at the Student Services Office, continue attending class (lecture and the discussion section) until you find out whether or not your OU Authorization form will be signed by the Economics Department.

For undergraduate ECON courses, please see the ECON department website.




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