Can I extend my studies?

You are welcome to extend your studies to the next quarter, provided that you are making normal academic progress and are not in probationary status. To extend, you must do the following:

  • Send notification in writing of desire to extend and confirm quarter(s) before the new quarter start date.
  • Submit an additional financial statement showing funds to cover additional quarter(s) tuition and living expenses.
  • Submit the program fee and student services fee payments for each additional quarter.

We will then revise your I-20 to reflect the new quarter(s) of study and the revised program end date.

Note: In the event your F-1 student visa will expire prior to the new program end date, you are still able to extend your studies as long as you do not leave the U.S. The F-1 visa is for entry and re-entry into the U.S., which means that students are able to study on an expired visa as long as they remain in the U.S.

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