How do I transfer from UCSB Professional and Continuing Education to another school?

To transfer to another school or program in the U.S., you will first need to apply for acceptance at the school you wish to be transferred. Then, you must make an appointment with UCSB Professional and Continuing Education's Immigration Advisor to complete the new school's Transfer In Form (note that not all schools use a transfer form as part of their application process). After the UCSB PaCE Advisor receives confirmation of your acceptance, your I-20 will be released in the SEVIS database to the new school. This will enable the new school to issue a revised I-20 for their program while still keeping the same I-20 number.

The transfer process must be completed within the 60-day grace period immediately following the UCSB PaCE program completion date. You must begin studying at your new school during the next available term (either quarter or semester), which can be no later than five months from the program end date at UCSB PaCE.

If you plan to leave the U.S. between programs, you must be accepted by and receive an I-20 from the new school before re-entering the U.S. It is essential that a transfer student re-enter the U.S. with the new school's I-20 form.

If you leave the U.S. between programs and the visa stamp in your passport has expired, the new I-20 form must be taken—along with other required documents—to a U.S. embassy or consulate to get a new visa. If the visa has NOT expired, you do not need to apply for a new visa. We recommend that you keep all former schools' I-20s in your luggage in case the immigration officer at the port of entry asks to see them.

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