How do I transfer from another school to UCSB Professional and Continuing Education?

If you are studying on an F-1 visa at another U.S. school and you wish to apply to one of UCSB's Professional and Continuing Education programs for international students, you will first need to apply and be accepted. You will also need to submit your completed ISP Application and required supplemental documents.

Once you are accepted to UCSB Professional and Continuing Education and pay your program fees, you will fill out our Transfer In Form and submit it to the Immigration Advisor. We will use this information to coordinate the transfer of your I-20 in the SEVIS database to UCSB Professional and Continuing Education. Your former school may ask for a copy of your letter of acceptance prior to releasing your I-20. Note that you must begin your studies at UCSB Professional and Continuing Education during the next available quarter, which can be no later than five months from the program end date at your previous school.

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