University Immersion/Preparation Program Roadmap

After you are admitted and before the program begins, UCSB Professional and Continuing Education will e-mail you further instructions about the program. In order to prepare for your enrollment here at UCSB, read the following roadmap to learn more about the steps for program participation:

  1. Review your course options.

  2. Apply and enroll in International Student Programs.

  3. Apply for your F-1 Visa.

  4. Arrange for your housing.

  5. Submit your list of proposed courses.

  6. Clear your course prerequisites and enroll in courses.

  7. Complete the online orientation.

  8. Be there for your program start at UCSB.

  9. Attend your selected classes and enroll in courses.

  10. Join activities and get involved on campus.

We here at UCSB Professional and Continuing Education hope you enjoy your studies with us! 


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