How Do I Add a UCSB Professional and Continuing Education Student to GauchoSpace?

Instructors, the following are directions for adding a Student to your course site:

  1. Log into GauchoSpace and enter your course site.
  2. Click "Add User/Assign Roles" in the UCSB Course Tool list on the right side of screen.
  3. Click "Add UCSB User/Assign Roles" after a new screen opens.
  4. Search the "Not Enrolled Users" box on right side of screen. You can search by student, UCSBnetID, "proxy perm number" (most UCSB Professional and Continuing Education students have a 700 proxy perm number), or name (enter first name, followed by last name).
  5. Click on the student's name in the "Not Enrolled Users" list. Confirm that you select the correct student by checking the student's "proxy perm number" and e-mail address.
  6. Select "Student" in the "Assign Role" drop-down box.
  7. Click "Add."
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